Half Of Workers Would Give Up Vacation Time For More Money

Most of us know that having some time away from the office is essential for our mental health, but it turns out there are plenty of people who would be perfectly happy never taking a break in exchange for one thing – money.

A new Allianz Insurance survey finds that 49% of Americans would gladly take a job with no vacation time if means getting a higher salary. Of course, that salary increase better be a good one for folks to forgo time off. In fact, the average American says they’d need a 48% increase in salary to give up their vacation time, although 20% would do it for just 24%. And then there are the people whoreallyneed to be compensated, with 16% saying they’d only take the offer if it doubled their salary.

But there are plenty of people who value days off more than money. The poll finds that 34% of Americans would actually give up some of their salary if it meant getting unlimited vacation time. As for how much money they’d give up, the average person would forgo 26% of their salary for unlimited vacations. And it seems some people don’t have to do that, since 10% of people say they already have unlimited vacation time.


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