The Majority of You Have Faked an Excuse to Get out of Plans

While making plans to go out and meet up with friends may sound great when we're making them, when the day comes often times people regret having something to do, and apparently a lot of people are lying their way out of it.

A new Sling TV survey finds that 47% of Americans have faked an excuse to get out of plans, and while they may be happy with the outcome, the don’t necessarily feel great about it. In fact, 43% of folks say they feel guilty about making excuses to skip out on an activity, although women feel slightly more guilt than men (47% vs. 39%). When it comes to faking an excuse:

  • 58% sent their lie via text,
  • while 55% did it with a phone call or voice mail...
  • and apparently a lot of people want to make sure and be convincing, with 52% saying they “go the extra mile” to make their excuse seem believable, with 27% staying off social media, 26% powering down their phones and 15% going so far as to turn the lights off in their home.

As for what folks would rather be doing than going out, 76% of people surveyed admitted they were deceptive in order to relax, stay home and watch sports, television or movies.

Source: Finanzen

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