Planters Released Cheez Ball Powder

If you love cheese... and REALLY love cheese. Planters -- the folks behind the beloved can of Cheez Balls is releasing Cheez Powder for the 'cheez' enthusiast in your life. This is probably the greatest release since the first iPhone.

Finally, you can sprinkle everything in fluorescent orange Cheez and enjoy nearly everything in your life.

According to Thrillistthe Brand Manager says this is all based on fan excitement,

"After seeing fans’ excitement last year when Cheez Balls returned, we knew we had to find a way for Cheez Balls to stay,” Samantha Hess, brand manager for PLANTERS, said in a press release. “To celebrate Cheez Balls being back, we’re giving fans more of the iconic flavor they’re obsessed with so they can enjoy the cheezy flavor on any food."

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