A Lot Of Americans Would Take A Pay Cut For Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep isn’t always easy to come by and it’s definitely something a lot of us wish would be easier. Well, now a new poll reveals just how much people desire a truly perfect night of sleep.

The poll finds that the average American will go five days between good nights of sleep, with most people waking up feeling sluggish three days a week, although it’s even more than that for one-third of Americans. 

Sleep is so elusive, the average person spends 20 hours a week dreaming of being in their bed, and five waking hours feeling tired every day. In addition, 53% would love to be able to hibernate for six months to catch up on sleep.

And lack of sleep could wind up being costly, with the average American spending $52 a month trying to stay awake with things like coffee and energy drinks. They’ll also spend $48 a month on sleep aids in order to fall asleep.

And when it comes to money, folks are more than willing to part with it if it means getting sleep, with 43% of Americans willing to take a 10% pay cut for one perfect night’s sleep.

Source :SWNS Digital

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