Krispy Kreme Now Has Pumpkin Spice Stuffed Doughnuts

Now that Starbucks has officially kicked off the start of Pumpkin Spice season, Krispy Kreme is getting in on the fun. The doughnut chain is now selling a Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed Doughnut and one of those that’s filled with cheesecake Kreme and topped with cheesecake icing. Those seasonal treats are only available for one week, from now through September 8th, but their Classic Pumpkin Spice Cake Doughnut and Pumpkin Spice latte will be available through Thanksgiving.

Krispy Kreme also knows that not all pumpkin spice goodies are created equal and some of these flavored foods can be downright disappointing. So they’re offering a “Pumpkin Spice Purchase Protection” plan, which lets you trade in ANY pumpkin spice product you get for one of Krispy Kreme’s pumpkin spice doughnuts for FREE! They say, “Bad pumpkin spice products shouldn’t happen to good people,” and we couldn’t agree more.



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