Walmart Has Added Breastfeeding Pods To Some Stores

Walmart is making it easier for moms on the go to breastfeed their babies with a new addition to some stores. The retail chain has added Mamava breastfeeding pods to its stores in Bentonville, Arkansas; Gilbert, Arizona, and Williston, Vermont.

These pods are small, private spaces stocked with amenities breastfeeding or pumping moms need, including plugs, seating space, and air conditioning. Moms can also control the air flow and dim the lights as needed to make the experience as comfy as possible. These Mamava pods are already being used in airports and train stations, but Walmart is the first retailer to install the pods in stores.

A Walmart employee who was traveling for her job discovered the Mamava pods while she was on a business trip and looking for a place to pump. Tennille Webb, a senior business relations manager, used one of the pods in the Atlanta airport and brought the idea back to the office and now they’re trying the pilot program for both shoppers and employees in three stores.

"It's safe to say that we have a lot of moms shopping in our stores every day," explains Walmart spokeswoman Anne Hatfield."This is another way to support moms, both our associates and our customers."

Source:Good Morning America

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