Say What? Amazon Wants To Scan Your Hand Instead Of Credit Cards To Pay

Amazon is testing new technology that would scan your hand for payment at the grocery store, instead of scanning your credit card. The high tech check-out will use a camera that will be able to access your hand’s shape and size and then charge the credit card linked to your Amazon account.

It’s called Orville and you won’t even have to touch a scanner, it’ll be able to identify your hand from far away. So in the future, your Whole Foods check out process could go a lot quicker with this system because a regular credit card transaction typically takes between three and four seconds, but Amazon’s new technology can reportedly process the payment in less than 300-milliseconds!

Interested? It’s being tested on vending machines at Amazon’s New York office now and word is, it’ll officially to roll out to Whole Foods stores in the future.


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