This U2 Song Is Scientifically Proven To Put Young Kids To Sleep

Do you have little one's that have a hard time falling asleep at night? Well, scientists just discovered something that might help you out!

Researchers in the Music and Science Lab at Durham University discovered the perfect lullaby for children to fall asleep to. If you know U2's hit "One" it's the perfect song to help them fall asleep!

They discovered this by calculating the average beats per minute and the most common time signatures to create the perfect formula for a lullaby.

According to one of the researchers, Annaliese Grimaud, she stated "The function of a lullaby is to soothe a baby and put them to sleep, so common features we would expect to see in lullabies would be, a slow(ish) tempo, relatively quiet dynamics, simple rhythm pattern - potentially one that imitates a rocking movement - a simple melody that’s easier to memorize and easier to sing, predictability achieved by repetitive phrases and verses, and a high pitch due to the connotations that mothers/females usually sing lullabies.”

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