Two Asteroids Will Buzz By Earth This Weekend

Two giant asteroids will be flying near the Earth this weekend.

Don’t freak out if you hear they are whizzing by and “close.” In space terms, close is thousands of miles away, or even millions. NASA says Asteroid 2010-C01 is about 800 feet in diameter, and will be whizzing by late tonight. The other one, Asteroid 2000-QW7, is about two-thousand feet in diameter - the size of the world's tallest building - and will be cruising near the Earth tomorrow morning.

Both will pass at about three-and-half-million miles from the Earth, around the Moon's orbit. NASA considers asteroids that orbit the Sun but also come within 30-million miles of the Earth to be "Near-Earth objects."

NASA’s been tracking these space objects for years and has no concern about them smashing into earth, so rest easy.


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