Pizza Hut Is Selling Cheese Filled Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza

Well this is something new for you to try! If you love pizza and Cheez-Its you're going to be happy about this.

Pizza Hut is now selling Cheez-It Pizza that will only be available for a limited time. You'll even have options to choose from! You can choose to get it stuffed with pepperoni and don't forget the side of marinara dipping sauce!

Since most fast food chains have meatless options, Pizza Hut and Kellogg are exploring an option that will be plant-based as well!

Each square is made with a formulated pizza dough and baked with the same cheesy dust used in Cheez-Its. The pizza squares resemble the crackers exactly!

Apparently, this collab was created with college kids in mind! I can totally see why, it's the perfect dorm room snack.

Would you ever try Cheez-Its pizza?

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