Say Hi To New Characters In Frozen 2 Full-Length Trailer!

It's almost time to watch our two favorite sisters return for another journey! Anna and Elsa are back in this full-length trailer for Disney's Frozen 2!

This time around, it looks like we are meeting some new faces! In the trailer we see a young Anna and Elsa listening to a story about a magical forest where something goes wrong..(what could it be?!)

Then we see them older and Elsa seems off, there then is a storm that forces the family out of Arendelle and it looks like another adventure is on the way!

Frozen was first released back in 2013, so we are more than ready to see where this film brings these two sisters and their friends!

Your favorite friends are back for Frozen 2 with new stars like Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown. This second film will take Elsa's powers to the next level.

Check out the trailer below! Let us know what you think!

We can't wait to hear what songs will be stuck in our head next!

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