Indiana Mom Injects Poop Into Son’s IV

An Indiana mom, who went to the extreme to get her child great healthcare, has been found guilty of battery and neglect for injecting his own poop into her son's I-V bag.

Authorities say the incident was caught on video while Tiffany Alberts' 15-year-old son was being treated at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Doctors reported that the injections caused infections in her son which led to hypotension and septic shock.

It took an investigation into why the boy kept getting infections. She told police she did it in an effort to get him moved from intensive care to a different floor at the hospital, where she said treatment would be better.

The boy, who was suffering from leukemia, had to be put on a ventilator and could have died if he was undergoing chemotherapy at the time. Alberts was acquitted of attempted murder, and will be sentenced in December.

Source:Indianapolis Star

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