Zac Brown Puts Out Solo Pop Album...And We Have So Many Questions

ZAC BROWN is trying very hard to crossover. Maybe too hard. On Friday he released a surprise pop solo album called"The Controversy". . . and it's hard to find anyone who likes it.

"Varietyfound social media posts with stuff like, "he's lost his mind" . . . "he's a desperate man looking for approval from Gen Z" . . . and "It sounds like it would work perfectly as the music for an American Eagle or Abercrombie changing room."

And"Rolling Stone"says the first single is "a contender for the worst cluster of sounds ever committed to digital file." 

It's called"Swayze"and it features a singer-producer named Sasha Sirota, who's worked with artists like Justin Bieber and Drake. Mostly, it's just a terrible, profane song.

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