Dog Is Instagram Famous For Balancing Objects On His Head

So if you would like to have 100,000 people follow you on Instagram, simply balance things on your head. It seems to have worked for an adorable dachshund named Harlso

Paul Lavery discovered Harlso's "hidden talent" after jokingly placing a squeaky toy on his head and watching as the pup stood as still as a statue. He couldn't believe it. His dog just seemed to have a knack for keeping objects balanced on his head. Some of the items include a globe, a glass of water and a stack of doughnuts. 

The balancing act has been a huge hit on social media as thousands of people have been following Harlso over the last five years. He first got his own social media page a few years ago and it wasn't long before his pictures became a big hit.  

Source: Fox News

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