Papa John’s Brings Back The Jack-o’-Lantern Pizza

Halloween is just weeks away and pumpkin flavored treats are in full swing! I'm sure you've all had a few PSL's by now, but have you had a pumpkin shaped pizza?

Papa John's is bringing back their Jack-o'-Lantern Pizza! Not only does it have all of your favorite carbs like dough, cheese, and pepperoni, it's shaped like a Jack-o'-Lantern too!

This Halloween-inspired pie is the perfect addition to your Netflix binging Saturday nights or a party you're hosting!

It's arguable that this featured pizza is better than those carved pumpkins sitting outside on your doorstep. This pizza has it all and more! It's festive, decorative, cute, and edible!

The Jack-o'-Lantern pizza has a large pumpkin-shaped thin crust, pepperoni face, and black olives for eyes.

You can snag one of these limited-edition pizzas when ordering online for just $11 with the code JACKOLANTERN.

Take a look below!

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