Halloween: There’s A Sexy Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Halloween Costume

Remember a few months back when Popeyes had a chicken sandwich that people loved so much, they quickly sold out of them? Well now the sandwich is back, but only in Halloween costume form. Lingerie and costume retailer Yandy.com has turned the sought-after sandwich into a sexy outfit. It’s a high-cut strapless bodysuit with two puffy sleeves - to look like the top bun - and the bottom bun area is stamped with a big “Sold Out” logo, with some brown velvet in the middle for the chicken part.

“Winner winner, chicken dinner,” the description for the "Sold Out Chicken Sandwich” costumereads. “Be the hottest Southern chick in town and turn your babe’s taste buds turning.”

Dressing up as this year’s hottest chicken sandwich won’t be cheap, this costume is $80. And if you’re looking for a meatless food costume, Yandy also sells a plant-based “Beyond Burger” costumefor all the fake-meat fans out there.

Source:Fox News

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