Hallmark Channel Releases Their Countdown To Christmas Programming List

The wait is almost over! Saturday, October 26th kicks off Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas! Can you believe the season is here already? Some people may want to continue Halloween movies until the end of October, but for all you Christmas lovers out there, the season is almost here!

Maybe you remember this from the past three years...Hallmark Channel is launching their third annual Countdown to Christmas Fantasy Game. Each week players will go in and select seven different movies that they think will perform the best best on their on-air ratings from the Hallmark Channel.

This is something your family and friends can have a little fun with this year if you haven't done it already! This year, players can invite their friends and family to play along their league.

We all know everyone secretly loves the Hallmark movies even if you aren't one to admit it out loud! If you want to join, click here!

Here's the best part, Hallmark also released their 10th Anniversary Countdown to Christmas programming guide! There will be 24 new premieres we can look forward to!

Now we just need some cooler weather so we can cuddle up on the couch and enjoy these Holiday movies!

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