Christmas: Woman Gets Revenge After Terrible Treatment By In-Laws

Trying to impress your boo’s parents over the holiday isn’t easy, a lesson one woman learned the hard way.

A woman recently shared on Reddit the horror story that was her first Christmas as a married woman. Here’s hat happened:

  • She had her husband’s family over, and since they went all out over the holidays, she took things very seriously.
  • She said she “shopped, wrapped and ribbon’d as if my life depended on it,” but things went sour during the family’s traditional gifting ceremony.
  • Apparently the woman’s husband had a hard time getting the bow off the gift she wrapped for him, and needed help, and the family wasn’t amused.
  • In fact, when the mother-in-law handed the woman’s husband her gift she quipped, “don’t worry I won’t tell you how to open it.”
  • After the ceremony, the woman was sent to clean up all the wrapping while the other women in the family cleaned up after lunch, but when the woman went back to get another garbage bag she overheard them complaining about her.
  • They said she was “utterly terrible at domestic things” and that the gifts she picked had been “unsuitable” and she seemed “ungrateful” about the gifts she was given.
  • What’s worse, the woman’s husband didn’t defend her, adding, “if I’d know she was going to go so stupid with it I would have helped.”
  • He even suggested he was too busy working, when the wife says he was in the middle of an eight-week break from work.

After she confronted her hubby he apologized and noted she should just leave the gifts to him, so to get back at him that’s exactly what she did the next year. She bought one gift for each member of the family, just from her, and when the husband realized there was nothing from him he wasn’t happy. When he complained she simply said “I left the family gifts to you.”

Anyway, as for how Christmases went the next year, they didn’t. The marriage was over before then. 

Source:Bored Panda

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