Couple Gets Married At Dunkin' Donuts

A Massachusetts couple is making headlines for gettingmarried in the most unusual setting. A Dunkin' Donuts was theirchoice to say their vows. Valerie Sneade and Jason Roy were married Friday afternoon and were joined by family, friends, and customers that happened to be buying coffee and pastries at this Dunkin' Donuts. It seems that the couple had actually been at this Dunkin' Donuts about thirty years ago. They had decided to end their young relationship and go their separate ways. Back in 1992, they were having a conversation about their future and both agreed to move on with their lives. Jason joined the Navy, got married and had three kids since then. Valerie also ended up getting married. Both got divorced and as fate would have it, got back together and decided to tie the knot at the same place it ended for them in 1992. 


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