A 'Friends'-Themed Slow Cooker Has Arrived

Most fans quote the show or own memorabilia from the hit series, but I found something that's next level! Believe it or not, it's a kitchen appliance. Say hello to the Friends-themed slow cooker!

If you've used a slow cooker, you know just how much time they can save you and how easy they can make meal prepping. And now you can cook like Monica but eat like Joey!

You can get this appliance online at Box Lunch for $69.90. But right now their site is having a promotion for 25% off with the code "BLGIFTS" so you can get it for just under $60!

The slow cooker has a fun design on it with the iconic couch, fountain, and peep hole and noteworthy sayings from the show like "How you doin'?" and "PIVOT!"

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