Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts Return But Won't Look The Same

Listen up Sweethearts!

If you were a fan of the little pastel candy hearts with the cute messages written on them, they have returned after a year-long hiatus. Maybe you were someone who already noticed this but they look a little different this time around.

Last year, the candy brand changed ownership so it prevented the company from being able to produce the Sweethearts in time for Valentine's Day. Many were disappointed about the news.

Now, your little sweethearts will be full again! The candy hearts will be available at drugstores nationwide but regional stores will have them in limited supply. This is due to Spanglerf acing technical challenges and being able to meet the consumer demands for 2020.

The candies will also say less than usual due to printer issues and apparently will taste a little different. Your favorite flavors will be back, but they just may have a little different taste.

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