Take Precaution With These Scam FedEx Tracking Notifications

Whenever we online shop, we tend to rush to look at the tracking number and make sure we sign up for all of the text updates while we eagerly wait for our package. Well the next time you get a text update from FedEx, you may want to take pre-caution. Many people are receiving text messages posing as shipping and delivery confirmation from FredEx. If you are one of the people who receive one of these scam texts, online technology magazineHow To Geeksays not to open the message and don't click on any of the links. They advise that you block the sender and delete the message right away.

If you accidentally fall for the scam, the link will take you to a fake Amazon listing and ask you to take a customer satisfaction survey. At the end of the survey, you'll be offered a free product as a reward and then you'll be asked to enter your credit card number for the shipping and handling fee. When you agree to the shipping and handling fee, you actually end up signing up for a 14 day trial to the company selling scam products. Once the trial is up, you'll be billed $98.95 every month and sent a new supply of the item you "won."

It's better to be safe than sorry!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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