Boy Is Allegedly Grabbed And Thrown By Teacher

A six-year-old boy has allegedly been assaulted by his teacher at a Chino Valley, California school.

Monique Alexander was called by the school to tell the mom that her son Chance Hill was “physically assaulted by a teacher, and another one of the teacher's peers witnessed it.”

The boy told KABC "She just came up to me, grabbed my shirt, and then threw me," he said. “She throws strong … then she called the principal and blamed it all on me. She said I hit her but I didn’t."

While Alexander has filed a police report, the school is also investigating. Meanwhile, it seems the teacher is still working, as the school;s human resources director has told the family that Chance will be kept away from the teacher.

Alexander acknowledges that Chance ,who’s good at schoolwork, has some behavior problems.


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