Woman's Perfect Selfie Ruined By Fornicating Penguins

Many of us are often searching for that perfect selfie that we can post in order to show all our friends and family just how great we are taking pictures. However, there is always someone willing to photo-bomb that perfect picture. In the case of Instagram influencer Steph Elswood, it was a pair of penguins that ruined her perfect shot.

Steph was visiting the Boulder Beach Penguin Colony in Cape Town, South Africa and decided to grab a few shots of herself with a few penguins behind her. Only she didn't notice that the pair of penguins in the shot were having sex. 

She later apologized after being told that the penguins in the area were finding it difficult to mate because so many people were turning up looking for selfies. She admits she was so focused on trying to get a decent picture with the animals in the background that she simply hadn't seen what they were doing.

Source: Sun

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