Woman With Coronavirus Says You Should Calm Down

This woman, Bridget Wilkinswas diagnosed last week after flying from London to Brisbane. She has no idea how she caught coronavirus, but wants people to know that the symptoms aren't as severe as headlines are stating.

She wants to let the public know that they should stay calm as the virus spreads, her symptoms are no worse than a sore throat and headache.

The 29-year-old says she was traveling to London for a wedding.

As of right now, she may be discharged from the hospital this week and then commended to Queensland Health officials for treatment while in quarantine.

Wilkins wants to deliver this message to the public:

'There's a lot of hype and hysteria on the news around coronavirus, there should be. It's very serious, particularly for the elderly and people with existing conditions.But I think we have to calm down, because for most people, like myself, it is just a long cold that we can shake off. There's many more serious conditions that I think deserve the headlines and attention.' 

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