Dad Tells Daughter Doll Died Of Coronavirus To Teach Her Lesson

We all know how important washing our hands is right now thanks to the fear of the coronavirus, but it isn’t always easy to convey that message to children. Well, one dad thought he had the perfect way to teach his daughter that lesson and he is, rightfully, being blasted for it.

The anonymous father shared on Reddit that his five-year-old daughter isn’t that great about washing her hands so in order to convey to her how important it is right now he threw out one of her dolls and told her it died from the coronavirus.Could you imagine?

The dad noted, “She’s pretty upset and my wife said it was a stupid thing to do,” adding, “I just want to limit the chances of us all catching the disease, especially since I work in a care home.”

As you can imagine, folks on the Internet let the dad have it.

  • "Yes. It’s stupid," one person shared, suggesting instead, "maybe buy her a scented hand sanitizer, or go on a special outing to get fancy soap. NEVER LIE TO YOUR KIDS. bending the truth is okay, but not lying."
  • Another added, “He could have made the doll wash her hands too and play pretend any stuff so she won't get sick or something. Imagine going to this extreme.”
  • Finally one commenter noted, “There are MANY other ways you could have handled that. Something like that is enough to traumatize a five year old.” 
  • Luckily, the dad seemed open to the criticism, and even the suggestions. He noted, “it seems I made a huge mistake she’s been crying for some time now,” and suggested bringing the doll back to life or just getting her a new one.

Source:Café Mom

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