How You Sleep Might Affect Your Relationship

Are you someone who just can’t seem to keep a boyfriend or girlfriend? While a lot of factors may contribute to this, a new survey suggests how you sleep may be one of them. 

A new poll finds, 62% of Americans would think twice about starting a relationship with somebody who doesn’t like the same room conditions as they do while sleeping.

What are some of those conditions?

  • Well, 42% of folks say they like to sleep in a warm room, while 44% want their room colder.
  • 43% want to keep the window open when they sleep, while 40% would rather have it closed.
  • Mattresses are another cause for debate, with 41% preferring softer mattresses, and only 26% preferring hard ones.
  • 42% of people like to sleep with the TV on, while 58% sleep with it off.

But not everyone is willing to give up on a relationship because of differing sleep preferences.

  • In fact, the average respondent in a relationship will suffer through 26 sleepless nights to accommodate their partner’s sleeping preferences. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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