Shenandoah County Schools Close Through April 14

Shenandoah County Public Schools

Short and Long-Range Plan for Coronavirus


The situation with Coronavirus is rapidly changing. The following information is based on the best

information available at this time. It is also our intention to minimize risk of spread by

implementing practices of social distancing (remaining at least six feet from another individual and

avoiding situations where many people are assembled). Please continue to practice good hygiene by

covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, frequent handwashing, and if feeling bad,

avoiding contact with others.


● Schools will reopen for students on Tuesday, April 14. There will be no school events

(practices, competitions, Parks & Rec, or any other activities) through at least April 13).

● While schools are closed between now and April 3, we will be implementing a

work-from-home policy. This means that all staff are to remain available during normal

work hours for phone calls, respond to email, participate in conference calls, participate in

special education eligibility meetings, etc. No leave will be charged to employees until

further notice. Employees will continue to receive their pay.

● Though expected to participate in work-from-home, twelve-month employees should not

report to work through Friday March 27.

● The All-staff inservice will be Friday, April 3. This will be all staff including long-term

substitutes, drivers, paraprofessionals, teachers, all means all.

● At this time, no “makeup days” are anticipated.

Sponsoring or Participating in a Conference Call/Meeting:

Anyone sponsoring a conference call can use Google Hangout. Click here for instructions on

setting up a conference call with Google Hangout

To retrieve work voicemail from home: Call your outside line (Ex: 459-6222) As soon as you hear

your voice mail greeting, hit the * key. Follow the instructions to retrieve your voicemail.

Building Maintenance During Closure and Transportation:

● Buildings will be shut down through March 29.

● Maintenance staff will routinely check buildings during this time.

● In preparation for student return, maintenance and custodial staff will clean all buildings

April 6, 7, and 8.

● Transportation will manage routine bus inspections between March 30 and April 9.

Provision of Student Feeding Program:

● Food service will begin on March 19. Each middle school will have lunch available for

pickup at the loading bay between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday,

beginning March 19.

● Students must be present to receive a meal to go. We are unable to serve meals April 6

through April 13. Contingencies for this period are being planned and will be communicated

when final.

● Kitchen staff will handle trash and cleanup during the feeding program.

For additional food availability and donations, please contact the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank at


Continuity of Instruction:

● Teachers should continue to respond to email from students and parents as it relates to


● There will be a hiatus on testing for special education eligibility determination.

● Eligibility (SPED and GATE) meetings will be conducted electronically via Google

Hangout. SPED eligibility meetings scheduled for March 18 are rescheduled to Thursday,

March 26. SPED eligibility meetings scheduled for March 25 will occur as scheduled via

electronic means.

● Choice boards, from K-middle school, are available and should be shared with students.

Principals should arrange for hard copies to be picked up by anyone who may not have

Internet access.

● Teachers should have no expectation for online learning of new materials due to intermittent

access by students.

● Though not required, high school teachers may provide materials for review.

● Recognizing that not everyone will have wi-fi access, dual enrollment courses are an

exception. Teachers of dual enrollment courses should try to meet standards being

developed at LFCC, so may need alternative arrangements for students who do not have

access to online. Virtual Virginia has notified students of alternative arrangements.

● No assignments/work/activities are to be graded except for dual enrollment and/or

Virtual Virginia exceptions noted above.

● No homebound services will be provided from now through April 13, 2020.

● IDT services are cancelled and will resume April 20, 2020.

Payroll and Finance:

● Payroll will continue during the time of closure.

● Long-term substitutes and daily hourly employees will be paid during the period of closure.

● Bills will continue to be processed in finance so principals are encouraged to send payment

requests along. Mail service will run through March 16 and then not again until March 30.

Payment requests for March 31 must be submitted by March 23.

● Time sheets are due by Friday, April 3. Employees who are unable to submit a time sheet

are asked to take a photo of their timesheet and send the electronic copy to Jennifer Saeler

via email. If signatures from supervisors cannot be obtained, time sheets should still be sent

electronically to Jennifer.

Human Resources:

● So as not to lose potential good hires, principals may move forward with hire

recommendations without face-to-face meetings with individuals.

Additional Items:

● If students need to pick up things at school, they may contact their school principal.

● If a student has medication(s) in the school clinic they need to retrieve, they should contact

the school principal who will arrange for pickup and documentation.

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