This Website Tells You If You've Gotten Enough Toilet Paper

We all know how toilet paperhas been selling out all over since many people are buying it in bulk so survive being quarantined during this time.

If you are one of those people who are worried about how much toilet paper you will need to survive the Coronavirus, a new website is available that will calculate how much toilet paper you will need for the number of people in your household.

All you have to do is enter how many rolls you currently have and how many trips to the bathroom you expect to make in a day. Then it will give you the amount you'll need!

If you need a more accurate calculation, just enter your habits such as the average number of wipes, sheets per wipe, sheets on roll or even the amount of days you think you'll be in quarantine for.

Toilet paper became popular due to the mas shutdowns of business.

How much toilet paper does your family have right now?

For the link, just click here!

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