Florida Georgia Line Announce New Single

Florida Georgia Line fans are getting a new single on Friday. The duo announced they’ll drop “I Love My Country,” which will be the first single off their next album.

“We’ve been in here working on our new album. We’ve been jamming, been having a good time and we can’t wait any longer,” Tyler Hubbard shared on Instagram. “We gotta get some new music out to our fans.”

Tyler added, “It could not be more appropriate for a time like now where we’re all living in uncertain times, kind of quarantined, not really sure what the future holds but we’re still loving life, still having a good time and this song really, really does that for us,” noting. “It brings us so much joy and makes us feel so good, so we hope it does the same for you guys.”Check out the announcement to the right.

Source:Florida Georgia Line

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