7 Year-Old Boy Uses Savings To Create Coronavirus Care Packages For Seniors

During this scary time, we are trying to remember that we can overcome fear with acts of love and kindness.

7-year- old Cavanaugh Bell, took $600.00 of his savings from two birthdays and three Christmases to purchase 65 COVID-19 Carepacks and 31 meals from Buca Di Beppo to serve senior citizens and help local businesses.

He posted a video saying "What's up guys! I'm at Target. Thank you for your donations, and look at all the stuff we got." Bell filled shopping carts with food and a bottle of bleach to hand out to seniors. He also helped feed 90 students in need. Plus, he even started a non-profit called "Cool and Dope" with the mission to eradicate all bullying and youth suicide through political and social action by his 18th birthday on Nov. 20, 2030.

Look how this little boy is helping out anyway he can at such a young age.

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