School Administrator Tells A Student She's Valedictorian In A Drive-Thru

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this caused schools to close and social distancing guidelines to be put in place. Educators have been forced to find creative ways to communicate with their students whether it's virtually or through...the drive-thru window. While restaurants and fast-food places are open for take out or drive-thru orders, one school administrator in Michigan found just the student she needed to talk to. Michelle Floering is the secondary principal of Grand Traverse Academy and she had some big news to give to high school senior Kaitlyn Watson. Michelle knew that Kaitlyn worked at a restaurant called Culver's so she decided to go through the drive-thru. After placing her order, she pulled up to the window and asked for Kaitlyn, who came over in her uniform.

In the video, you'll hear her say,

"Hi Kaitlyn. So, I got you on camera because I want to announce something to you today. You are GTA's 2020 class valedictorian!"

Kaitlyn was shocked by the news and replied by saying, "I am? Oh my gosh! Thank you so much."

Michelle replied back, "You're welcome. And I know we have to stay six feet away so I can't give you a hug, but congratulations. Well deserved."

You can watch the "drive-thru valedictorian" announcement below:

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