Dolly Parton Supports Britney Spears: 'I Went Through A Lot Of That'

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Dolly Parton has spoken out about Britney Spears' ongoing conservatorship battle. Spears is currently trying to end her thirteen-year-long conservatorship, which has been controlled by her father Jamie Spears.

When asked what she thinks of Spear's situation by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Parton replied: "Well, I try to not get involved in other people's business. I think she's a wonderful artist and I think she's a wonderful girl. I only wish her the best."

Though Parton tries to stay out of other people's business, she admitted she can truly empathize with Spears. "I understand all those crazy things. I went through a lot of that myself through a big lawsuit in my early days with Porter Wagoner trying to get out on my own," she said. "So I understand where she's coming from and how she feels. So I hope that all turns out the way that it should."

When Parton was first starting out, she was offered a place on The Porter Wagoner Show, a popular weekly TV program at the time. The pair worked together for seven years, even releasing a few albums together. When Parton decided to strike out on her own as a solo artist, Wagoner sued her for breach of contract in 1979.

"We both believed that we knew what was best for us. Well, he believed he knew what was best for me, too, and I believed that I knew more what was best for me at that time," Parton said back in 2011. "So, needless to say, there was a lot of grief and heartache there, and he just wasn't listening to my reasoning for my going."

Parton would go on to write 'I Will Always Love You,' which was sung by Whitney Houston, about her professional split from Wagoner.

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