The Worst Betrayal Of 'Inventing Anna'

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While the story of Anna Delvey (Sorokin) is full of fraud and deception, the rise and fall of her friendship with Rachel DeLoache Williams is one of the most personal betrayals depicted in the Netflix series.

Actor Katie Lowes came onto Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast and discussed with host Stacey Wilson Hunt about how she prepared for her role depicting Williams.

“I have never played a real person before and definitely not a real living person before,” said Lowes. “I really based her on a friend of mine.”

For Lowes, it was more important for her to create a character that fit into the story written by show creator Shonda Rhimes instead of giving an impression of the real person. The actors stated this was the reason she did not read William's book or seek out meeting her in person.

“Don’t get me wrong I did my research,” Lowes said. “But for me it was all about the stakes of the situation (Williams) found herself in.”

The moment that really connected Lowes to her character was when the cast began filming in Morocco at the same hotel where the real life Delvey stuck Williams with a $70,000 bill. While parts of the show may have portrayed Williams as someone who did nothing but live off Anna, Lowes said she worked to portray her as a regular person who trusted the wrong woman.

“I didn’t play Rachel as someone who took and took and took because I just didn’t see it.” said Lowes.

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