Sonic Workers Run When Python Is Found Behind Fryer

Royal python snake

Photo: Getty Images

Workers were doing their jobs, cooking burgers and tater tots in a Sonic fast-food kitchen, when they ran out after discovering an intruder hiding behind the deep fryer. 

Brunswick police Lt. Matthew Wilson found employees of the Sonic drive-in huddled in the parking lot when he arrived to investigate last Saturday. On the phone they had described the culprit as brown with diamonds on its back.

“When I saw it, I could tell it was just a ball python and not a rattlesnake,” Lt. Wilson told The Brunswick News.  He not only removed the large, non-venomous snake, but also found it a new home with a friend who has a large terrarium and a fondness for snakes. Lt. Wilson says the python likely slipped into the Sonic’s kitchen on May 21st through an open back door, finding a cozy spot for its cold-blooded body behind the hot fryer. Police don’t know where the snake came from, though Lt. Wilson says it had likely been a pet that got turned loose by its owner.

Link: AP News

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