Wife Won't Give Hubby Wifi Password Until He Gets A Job

Stressed young married family couple arguing, blaming each other.

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A woman bravely took to Reddit’s “AITA” to ask if she was wrong for refusing to give her husband their Wifi password. She said she feels it’s a privilege and he’s not carrying the weight. It started when he told her he got fired from his job.

  • Three months later he hadn’t found a job and was on his phone all the time
  • She ran into her hubby’s boss and asked about the firing.
  • The boss said he quit because he was sick and tired of retail
  • She confronted him and he admitted it
  • Then he said he wanted to go back to school but never made a plan about paying for it
  • Hubby told wife to start a fund to pay for his school…she LOST IT!
  • She cut off the Wifi
  • He’s been trying to get the password, but not a job, ever since

Commenters mostly agreed that the wife should reevaluate her marriage situation if he’s looking for a free ride.

Source: The Sun

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