Flight Attendant Reveal Five Mistakes Passengers Make

plane shakes during turbulence flying through the air hole.

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If you want to know the dos and don’ts of passenger etiquette the best source is flight attendant. That’s where Deanna Castro comes in. She’s been a flight attendant for 16 years and has shared some of the biggest mistakes you have probably made.

Here’s what she says are the biggest mistakes:

  • Blocking the aisle when taking your seat. She says to go into the row and wait for traffic to ease
  • Sticking body parts in the aisle. You could trip attendants or others
  • Using headphones when talking with an attendant. If you want to talk with them take the headphones out.
  • Don’t blast the music while wearing the headphones. People can still hear it.
  • Handing barf bags to the attendant. That’s gross, so place it under your seat.

Source: New York Post

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