Most Annoying Things Dads Do In The Delivery Room

In the Hospital Midwife Gives Newborn Baby to a Mother to Hold, Supportive Father Lovingly Hugging Baby and Wife. Happy Family in the Modern Delivery Ward.

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The medical professionals we trust to deliver our babies have pretty much seen it all when it comes to being in labor. And one woman who’s training to become a midwife is revealing some of the annoying things dads do and say in the delivery room while their partners are busy giving birth.

Student midwife Gemma Brusnahan says the most irritating things dads do while their partners are in labor include:

  • Sitting on their phones while the mom is pushing.
  • Falling asleep.
  • And asking how much longer it’s going to take.
  • “Dads please don’t,” Gemma writes.

And over in the comments section, hundreds of women are sharing their own birth stories and the things their partners did while they were in labor:

  • “My partner fell asleep and I threw a shoe at him,” one mom admits. “My nurse laughed.”
  • “My daughter was literally crowning and her dad asked if he was ‘alright to go out for a smoke,’” one woman writes. “I told him not to bother coming back if he left.”
  • “How about arriving late, then asking the midwife if they are a ‘real’ nurse and if so, could they take a look at his shoulder that he hurt,” another shares.
  • “I called my baby daddy to tell him I was in the hospital in active labor and he told me to ‘call him when something interesting happens,” comments one mom.
  • But some women actually defend dads who nap during labor, like one who writes, “He should absolutely sleep when he has the chance. 2 tired adults are not helpful.”

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