Woman Ruins Neighbors’ Backyard Wedding By Mowing Grass

A young man mowing the grass on a property, tending the garden, using a petrol lawnmower.

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A woman is being called out as a “Karen” after she seemed to “ruin” a couple’s wedding on purpose. A video shared on TikTok by a guest at the backyard ceremony shows the neighbor woman across the street drowning out the music with lawn equipment just as the wedding began. She even looks over at the event several times, so it seems like she had to see the bride in a long white dress and the altar and know what she was interrupting.

“The second the bride’s song came on and she walked down the aisle, Karen decided to PURPOSELY mow her lawn and yell at us to ruin the wedding” the TikTok user writes in the clip, which is captioned, “Some people are so miserable.” The woman’s lawn gear was so loud, the guests couldn’t hear the couple’s vows and she reportedly kept it up through the entire wedding.

In the comments section, the wedding guest clarifies that they did ask the neighbor to stop doing her yard work during the ceremony, but “she was not kind” and “not a friendly person at all,” and she didn’t stop. TikTok users share the guest’s outrage, taking to the comments section to share their feelings:

  • “Now I’d be committed to randomly ringing her doorbell at 3am at least once a week for eternity,” one person jokes.
  • “Hope you had a huge celebration and blasted the tunes to the wee hours,” writes another.
  • Trying to make sense of “Karen’s” behavior, one person asked if there was an “ongoing beef” between the neighbors, but the wedding guest confirmed there was no bad blood before the wedding.

Source: Independent

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