Mom Clears Up The Mystery Of A Bunker Discovered In Michigan

A narrow path through spruce forest in evening light with fog in summer

Photo: Getty Images

The mystery of a well constructed, below ground bunker found in a Michigan state game area has been solved.

It turns out a teenage boy and his friends were responsible for creating the 15 by 15 foot dugout. His mother called authorities to clear things up after seeing the bunker on the news. That happened because someone else had stumbled across it and called the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and Michigan State Police.

There was concern it may have been built by a militia group for training. The Department of Natural Resources says they don't expect any charges to be filed. However, cutting down trees, digging holes, and leaving sandbags on state land is illegal, so the boys will be tasked with filling in the hole and restoring the area.

Source: WOOD TV

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