Most Americans Have Major Driving Anxiety

Woman sitting by man driving van during road trip

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42 million people are expected to hit the road for July 4th, but it sounds like a lot of those people won’t be so anxious to be sharing the road with others.

A new survey finds:

  • Two out of three drivers say they have more anxiety on the road than pre-pandemic.
  • In fact, 53% of drivers say they “always” or “often” feel anxious about how other people behave while driving.
  • 61% think there’s been an uptick of unsafe driving since the pandemic.
  • 62% feel that now more than ever before, it’s more important to drive safely. 

And it’s not only when they are behind the wheel that folks have anxiety on the road.

  • 63% admit they get nervous when their partner is the one driving the car.
  • 60% of people say they are constantly watching the speedometer when they are in a car with someone else driving.
  • 52% say as passengers they often wish the driver would slow down.
  • 70% are so concerned about bad driving behavior that they are the ones to check that everyone is seatbelted in.

But all this anxiety, isn’t stopping folks from taking advantage of having a vehicle.

  • 53% of drivers say they plan to take more road trips this summer than in previous years.
  • 31% of drivers say they find themselves driving more in the summer as compared to other seasons.

Source: Study Finds

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