Mom Sparks Debate After Babysitter Fell Asleep On The Job

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Is it ever okay for a babysitter to take a nap on the job? That’s what one mom is asking after she hired a sitter to watch her 10-month-old son for the first time ever and discovered the sitter was sleeping when the baby was asleep. The mother, Danielle, turned to TikTok to get other people’s opinions because she wasn’t sure what to think about the situation.

In the video, Danielle explains that the sitter rocked her son for about 15 minutes and he fell asleep for the rest of the night. When she and her husband checked in on the cameras in their home, they saw the sitter lying on the sofa and thought she was listening to an audio book, as she said she was planning to do. “Internally I'm starting to freak out,” Danielle says in the clip. “She's watching our son, but she's asleep, but he's also asleep, but he's only 10 months and I don't know if she would hear him if he woke up and started crying.”

So she texted the sitter to ask her to let their dog back inside and when she didn’t respond, the parents got worried she might not hear their baby if he woke up crying, so they decided to head home early. Now, they were only gone for three hours total and were back home by 9:30, so it’s not like they kept their babysitter up really late. And when Danielle checked the baby monitor to see if the volume was up in order to hear the baby, it wasn’t even on. So the mom wasn’t sure what to think or if she was overreacting, so she asked TikTok viewers what they think:

  • Some say it’s totally normal for the babysitter to fall asleep, like the dad of five who writes, “Unless your child has some at-risk medical condition, it’s fine for the babysitter to sleep, IMO.”
  • But some users think snoozing on the job is a bad idea no matter what, including a former sitter who comments, “I would NEVER sleep at someone’s house while babysitting. And that’s even when the kids are older.”
  • And another experienced sitter writes, “Unless you’re staying the night, then definitely don’t fall asleep. Especially if you’re only there until 9:30.”

Source: Tyla

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