Bride’s $3.75 Wedding Dress Goes Viral

Portrait of bride in veil holding bouquet

Photo: Getty Images

It’s trendy to go the inexpensive route when it comes to weddings, but one woman wins the prize. TikToker Jillian Lynch went to thrift stores until she found a dress with the tags still on it. She wasn’t sold on the dress and asked viewers who suggested she buy it and get it altered.

The bride-to-be paid only $3.75 for the Camila Coelho Reyna Maxi dress. Then she was on to shoe shopping and scored block heeled Visanze Collection shoes for $8. Adding the alterations, her outfit cost only $125. At one point, she noted "Pretty sure the baby's breath cost more than the dress.” That would be her hair accessory.

Her videos have gotten two million views and we suspect many brides heading to thrift stores.

Source: Good Morning America

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