4 Major Fast-Food Chains Making Drastic Changes

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You probably have heard about a major menu revamp from Subway, but three other fast-food chains are also making major changes to their systems and the way that they operate. Here’s a list of the four that are re-inventing themselves in various ways.

  • Subway – They’ve got 12 new sandwiches on the revamped menu. The shift? Away from customization. It’s all with the hopes of driving sales and streamlining their business. This follow’s last year’s Eat Fresh, Refresh campaign that featured new and upgraded ingredients.
  • McDonald’s – The company is implementing a new set of restaurant ownership rules. Franchise applications and renewals are being subject to a more comprehensive process and franchisees will be held to a higher standard. Plus, spouses and children of current franchisees will now be treated as new candidates and more attention is being paid to customer complaints and more restaurant inspections will be conducted.
  • Starbucks – Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks and current interim CEO has announced the “next chapter of Starbucks reinvention.” There are plans for a transformed customer experience (details forthcoming soon) and will be proposing measures to give employees increased opportunities within the company after a movement to unionize was started last year.
  • Chipotle – AI and automation are increasingly important to Chipotle and they will be introducing the AI-powered chip-making robot “Chippy” later this year. They have also announced a $50-million venture fund called Cultivate Next which aims to speed up investment in labor-saving and customer-experience-enhancing technologies.

Source: EatThis,NotThat!

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