Spicy Rosé Is The Latest Terrifying TikTok Food Trend

Pouring rose wine into a glass

Photo: Getty Images

Move over, “healthy Coke” — the latest TikTok trend is adding jalapeños to rosé. Allyssa Marshall started the trend on her TikTok after being dared by one of her followers to drop the spicy pepper into her wine. Now #jalepenorosé has 69,800 views on the site. “So, where did the jalapeño rosé come from? The idea came from my love for spicy margaritas, and a running joke amongst my followers that I am obsessed with jalapeño and add them to everything,” Allyssa told Newsweek. She said she wasn’t surprised that the drink idea went viral so quickly because of how much she personally loved it after only one sip. The trend isn’t technically a new idea, because spicy margaritas have been around since the early 2000s, but some people love the idea of something sharp cutting through the sweet undertones of rosé.

Link: New York Post

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