Woman Sets Wrong House On Fire In Revenge Move Against Ex-Boyfriend

Detail images arson from home that was abandoned after a large housefire.

Photo: Getty Images

If you’re going to commit a revenge crime against an ex, arson is not the way to go.

A North Carolina woman who allegedly wanted revenge on her ex-boyfriend is accused of setting fire to the wrong house. It started last Friday when a neighbor woke a Rowan County man and told him a woman was trying to set his house on fire. He ran outside and saw burning pieces of wood surrounding a propane tank and found his garden hose plugged with Flex Seal.

He got his rifle and confronted Christie Louise Jones who, he said, mumbled something then got in her car and took off. A witness told sheriff's deputies that Christie's ex-boyfriend owned a house in the neighborhood, but not the one she's accused of trying to burn down. She's facing first-degree arson and other charges.

Source: WBT-TV

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