Scientists Say There’s A Chance Someone Will Be Killed By Space Debris

Hubble telescope on orbit of Earth. Space observatory. Telescope in outer space near surface of blue planet. Stars and sun. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Photo: Getty Images

Debris from a Chinese rocket crashed over the Indian and Pacific oceans over the weekend, and a 10-foot piece of space junk believed to be part of the SpaceX Crew-1 craft crashed into a farmer’s property in Australia. These crashes have led some to wonder how long it’ll be before someone’s injured or killed by falling space debris.

A study by scientists at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver thinks they have the odds figured out. They claim that there’s a 10% chance that someone will be killed over the next 10 years by an out-of-control rocket or spacecraft crashing to earth. The team says the risk isn’t increasing, we’re just becoming more aware of it.

Source: Daily Mail

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