Why You Shouldn’t Try This TikTok Cleaning Trend

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TikTok is full of cleaning information, there’s so much of it, there’s even a whole corner of the platform dedicated to it: “CleanTok.” But one trend that’s been gaining popularity there has experts concerned about users’ safety. Appropriately known as “product overload,” it involves people filming themselves loading up a toilet, tub or sink with excessive amounts of cleaning products.

Some find the videos soothing and they’ve become a form of ASMR for some “CleanTok” fans, and the hashtag #ProductOverload has racked up hundreds of millions of views. But this is one trend you shouldn’t try at home and this is why:

  • Healthcare experts are concerned about the risks involved - Medical toxicologist Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor is the co-medical director at the National Capital Poison Center and says officials there get many calls daily about adverse reactions to mixing chemicals like this. You don’t see the people in the videos, so you can’t see if they’re wearing masks to avoid coughing or gagging and just because someone in a TikTok does it, doesn’t make it safe for you to try at home.
  • It’s dangerous for skin- Cleaning products can irritate skin or even cause chemical burns, so it’s important to wear gloves when using them, even when you’re not doing a “product overload.”
  • Mixing cleaning products can trigger breathing issues - Even in healthy people, mixing these kinds of chemicals can be dangerous. Combining bleach and ammonia causes the release of chloramine gas and mixing bleach and toilet bowl cleaner can trigger the release of chlorine gas, according to Dr. Johnson-Arber. She warns that inhaling either of these can cause coughing, irritation of the nose and throat and trouble breathing. Those with asthma or other conditions could experience serious respiratory problems.
  • It’s also not great for your plumbing - Flushing huge amounts of mixed cleaners down the drain or toilet can damage surfaces, clog plumbing and cause blockages. And that can lead to a pricey repair you won’t have to deal with if you just use the products as directed on the label.

Source: Good Housekeeping

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