Man Accused Of Causing A Wildfire By Burning A Spider

Funnel Spider Macro

Photo: Getty Images

A man in Utah has been arrested. He's being accused of starting a wildfire while trying to burn a spider with his lighter.

Cory Allan Martin is 26 years old and he told deputies that he saw the spider on Monday while he was in a hiking area in the foothills south of Salt Lake City near the city of Springville. He admitted he started the fire, but didn’t explain why he was trying to burn the spider. Deputies did find a jar of marijuana among his belongings, but he didn’t appear to be high, said Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon. Now, there's no evidence to suggest that he intentionally started the blaze, but he called it a reckless and puzzling decision. This area and most of Utah are bone dry amid extreme drought conditions. 

Link: AP News

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