A Former Hotel Worker Reveals Things You Should Never Touch In A Hotel Room

Hotel room

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While a lot of folks love to stay at hotels while on vacation, it’s easy to forget that other people have stayed in those rooms before you, and if you believe one former hotel worker, no matter how clean that room looks, the former tenants’ germs are probably still there.

A former hotel worker and TikToker who goes by the handle @_sourqueen shared videos detailing the truth about those so-called “clean” rooms, revealing the things, based on her experience, that she “wouldn’t use or touch” in a hotel room. 

“Seriously, I’ve seen some things,” she says. “I have some horror stories.”

Things she says you should avoid include:

  • The coffee pot or any of the glassware – she explains that housekeeping, “just rinses these things out in the bathroom sink and dries them off with the same rag that they used to clean the rest of the room with.”
  • The ice bucket – she says people use them as “water dishes for their pets and whatnot,” and she's seen guests do “much worse things” to them, noting, “I don’t even want to talk about that.”
  • Hotel bedspreads – she insists she would “never, ever, ever” touch them, telling folks to take them off the bed “the minute you walk in there.” She claims “they only get washed once a year, if that, unless there is a visible stain on them,” adding, “So unless someone has bled, puked, pissed, s- -t on them, they do not get washed for an entire year.”

Now the user does note that, “not all hotels are disgusting,” but she does warn that “things aren’t as clean as you think they are.” And don’t blame housekeeping. She says, “it’s usually not the maids going out of their way to make the hotels disgusting. "We’re just doing as we were trained to do and told to do," she says, adding that housekeepers often get in trouble for taking too much time cleaning, or for putting too much stuff in the laundry. 

Source: New York Post

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